The key responsibilities of AI/ML Research Scientist at Pawa essentially encompass two roles: data science engineer and research engineer.

You will join the core technology team to evaluate ideas, concepts, build fast prototypes (PoC), read white papers, conduct research, and experiment daily. We are looking for a strong team player passionate about problem-solving and the R&D environment.
AI/ML Research Scientist
• read white papers, explore state-of-the-art technology, and then apply it in quick prototypes
• conduct research and build models in different fields of ML
• participate in team brainstorming sessions to help validate business ideas at an early stage
• collect, transform, and preprocess raw data to prepare it for modeling
• design, develop, train, and test models and algorithms
➀ What you'll do
• have 5–10+ years of experience researching and developing machine learning algorithms
• have a deep understanding of machine learning & deep learning concepts and algorithms
• are curious, have empathy, strong research skills, and love generating ideas
• have an ability to do quick prototypes and implement new ideas by finding simple and accurate problem solutions
• have experience with libraries and frameworks (Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, XGBoost, Catboost, etc.)
• have a degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics or similar field
➁ This job is for you if
• continuous education in data science (e.g., taking courses online)
• experience with cloud deployment
• experience successfully handling a few simultaneous projects
• experience in R&D projects
➂ Would be a big plus
• brilliant and diligent teammates who comprise a strong ML team
• becoming a part of the journey on discovering the next big thing in AI & ML
• fulfilling tasks and projects
• unrivaled professional opportunities
• a full-time role at a comfy office in the Kyiv city center
➃ You can expect
If you are an ML professional, you live & breathe the startup and R&D culture, let's talk!