As founding investors, we co-build ML startups, and we stick around for the entire mission, including the pre- and post-launch phases. We help turn an idea into a product, see it in action, and launch it for the world to experience it.


Pawa is a venture studio. It is inherently different from any accelerator or incubator because we start working on a project
as early as the idea stage.

Then, we go through the product development, startup building, and finally the launch.

We are eager to look into promising ideas for ML applications in any industry, even though we generally focus on


There are countless ways for startups to fail, but we can protect you from them thanks to our
core strengths:

Machine learning

Machine learning (ML) is a powerful tool for business: it helps companies stay ahead of the competition, and it advances established industries. As artificial intelligence and machine learning are also gradually changing the landscape of our society, we know they are here to stay. This vision is the reason our venture studio focuses on scouting outstanding ideas in ML.

On top of that, our strong ML team has a track record of successfully ideating, building, and scaling ML projects.


When we see an outstanding idea,
we have the means to turn it into a product and then evolve it into an autonomous & fully-functioning startup. Our holistic approach includes helping with talent recruitment, product development, day-to-day operations, and sound advice on any topic.


We invest up to USD 500,000 per project.


We connect young founders with tech companies' top managers, influential entrepreneurs, European and US investors as well as renowned ML scientists and researchers. We also stay involved throughout the whole journey, watching the emerging venture flourish.


First, we ideate

Scouting for ideas

Great ideas encourage teams and ventures, and we look for them ourselves or collaborate with founders to discover new startup concepts and the next big thing in ML.

Then, we validate

Confirming it works and makes sense

Idea validation and MVP building & testing are crucial for making sure there is a market as well as sufficient demand for our new product. It is also important now as we are entering an era of sustainable development of technology and we want it to provide long-term value for businesses and society.

On to the nextstep — we build

Creating the product

Our team of ML engineers and venture builders turns the validated concept into a product. We also recruit talent and provide support with administrative, legal, and HR tasks.

Finally, we are ready for a spin-out

Launching the big journey

Once we have the product, we build an independent company around it, establish essential processes, and help it raise money from investors.


Pawa is always where
ML professionals, expert entrepreneurs and leaders, together with tech investors, manufacture startups together.

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